Monday, September 10, 2012

Guilty Ghosts-All Flesh is Grass

Guilty Ghosts (AKA Tristan O'Donnell) is an artist I've been bad at keeping up with, which I don't understand why because I love everything I hear from him. Case in point his new song "All Flesh is Grass" from his upcoming Trespasser EP. "All Flesh is Grass" is removed from the Guilty Ghosts' previous sound, in that the beats that made up half of the tracks are noticeably absent here. That is OK though, because Guilty Ghosts has mastered guitar based ambient music, here layering guitar riff onto guitar scape onto another guitar riff, etc. The way the track manages to expand just through the subtle guitar discord that builds in the background is nothing but sublime. The result being a beautifully dreamy track, that is both perfectly atmospheric and encapsulating of dusk. Every mood and memory Guilty Ghosts tries to evoke with "All Flesh is Grass" he nails perfectly, creating a song that envelopes you ever so effortless.


Guilty Ghosts' Website
Get the Trespasser EP soon here, from Guilty Ghosts himself

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