Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Titus Andronicus-In a Big City

I think Titus Andronicus are one of the few bands I can say I truly love. I think both of their albums are flat out classics, and the band holds second place for band I have seen live more than any other (which is five, beaten only by Los Campesinos!). So suffice to say, I was more than excited about the announcement of the band's third record Local Business due out in October. And the first (official) single "In a Big City" really, really makes me happy that my excitement is apt. "In a Big Country" is Titus Andronicus at possibly there catchiest ever, the usual indie-rock distortion supplemented with chiming and shimmering guitars, as well as Patrick Stickles vocals which are complimented by "oohs" from his fellow bandmates. It is also the band at there rousest (new word) as well, with Stickles lyrics no less passion filled, if a little more indirect, as they were on The Monitor, here examining the way a new city can change one's outlook on everything. Though, if the self-made lyric video is any indication, they are not to be taken so directly anyway. Still "In a Big City" personifies all of the things that make Titus Andronicus songs so great: epicness that is not chessey, a sense of importance in an age of apathy, and pure out rock songs that never become clichés. Not bad for a song that is half-partly an homage to Big Country's "In a Big Country".


Titus Andronicus's Website
Pre-order Local Business here, from XL Records

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