Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vaadat Charigim-Odisea (Odyssey)

Vaadat Charigim have returned rather quickly with another track off their upcoming debut album. "Odisea (Odyssey)" is based on detachment; as their city is being destroyed and turned near apocalyptic, all that's on the narrator's mind are the small details and wanting to be with the one he loves. The lyrics are fitting though, as "Odisea (Odyssey)" finds the band dipping themselves more into a darker, shoegaze style, stretching the track out to a longish 6 minutes and adding loud, crunchy guitar streaks to the track, especially in mini-sprawl that makes up the center of the song. Not many bands approach bleaker subjects like this without worry (especially a band that probably has to actually deal with this possibly happening to them), but Vaadat Charigim manage to approch it easily from both sides, and produce a pretty nice indie rocker too.


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