Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Toxie-Tearing Up the Streets

Back in the distant year that was 2010, a band of youngsters from Memphis by the name of the Magic Kids were crafting classic 60s summer time pop. They were great, and their debut is still one of the best summertime albums out there. But as quickly as they had come, they dropped off, without any news as to why. Thankfully, some of those linger questions have been answered now that Toxie has emerged.

Toxie is a new band out of Memphis that combines three members of Magic Kids along with Madison Farmer of Coasting to even out the mix. "Tearing Up the Streets" is one of the first tastes from the band, a nice merging of both bands styles. "Tearing up the Streets" is at its heart a great post-punk song, with start and stop guitars and drums riffs, off-kilter vocal delivery, and a left field build up during the bridge that sneaks up on you before throwing you back into the song. The song just inherently feels off. At the same time the band adds a sunshine sheen to the song, filling it with so many hooks that its ready to burst. Toxie craft some truly catchy post-punk, and something tells me their upcoming 7" for Goner will be equally addictive.


Toxie on Bandcamp

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