Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Twitchy No-fi of Sealings

Sealings are what would happen if The Secret Society of Giraffes decided to produce a little no-fi pop and rock. Over messed up drum beats and thick montone, they produce dark, beat mixed tunes that are close to what I imagine early Cold Cave would have sounded like if they ever tried to cover Times New Viking. The British duo is also nicely prolfic, having put out split tapes on Clan Destine and FLA, as well a tape on Tye Die Tapes as well, not to mention various one offs on their tumbler. The band is also quite prolific, poping out various songs to throw on their tumbler for download, or put up on their soundcloud page for the world to listen too. The contrast is easy to see when comparing "2 Cups" to "Jack Nicholson, In A Sea Of Faces". "2 Cups" though filled with drum beeps and harsh synth lines, mainly composed of heavly in the red guitar riffs stacked on almost completely symbol composed drumming. The singing style serves as a nice contrast to the choas surrounding it.

(mp3) Sealings-2 Cups

"Jack Nicholson, In A Sea Of Faces", on the other hand, sounds like one of the many upon many hazy synth songs produced today, but almost as a satire of the sytle, recorded in the worst way, making almost every elment of the song that should have that should have beauty with it now contain stark grit and anguish. Like Washed Out if he decided to use a two-track and dump large amounts of feed back into the mixing process.

(mp3) Sealings-Jack Nicholson, In A Sea of Faces


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