Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: tUnE-yArDs-Bizness

I fell in love with tUnE-yArDs when I saw her and her band perform at the intimate yet spacious French Legation Museum at this year's South By Southwest (coverage to come). I was absolutely blown away, and every time "Bizness" comes out of the my satellite radio and pumped through my car's speakers, I go into a small world, completely memorized by the multiple layers of the song. Everything from askew drum beats, to the tribal style singing, or saxophones that feel perfectly in place when the come out of nowhere in the middle of the song. Everything within the song meshes perfectly with one another, it might just be my favorite song of 2011. Now the song has crazy video to accompany it. Watch as kids and adults alike do crazy dances to the song with band master mind Merrill Garbus, all matching in her signature face paint as well. w h o k i l l, her upcoming sophomore album is coming out April 19, and I am beyond excited for it.

(mp3) tUnE-yArDs-Bizness


tUnE-yArDs' website
Pre-order w h o k i l l here, from 4AD records

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