Friday, March 4, 2011

Ponytail-Easy Peasy

I have been a Ponytail since I discovered them in 2009 for SXSW and both their show there as well as their follow up show in May were some the most insane, most fun shows I have ever been too. So I was a bit heartbroken when I heard that the band had split up last year. Thankfully, this turned out to be false and a simple hiatus, and as if to prove this, the band announced that they would be releasing their third album Do Whatever You Want All The Time on April 12 for We Are Fee. Now the band has released the first single to that album "Easy Peasy". It is a very different Ponytail, one that has taken a breather, listened to the Fall a bit for lyrical delivery, but manages to retain the art-spastic sound that is the core of the band. Lead singer Molly Siegal even seems to be singing actually English on this track as well. It's a brand new direction, but one I still love, and nothing else should have been expected from this incredible band.

(mp3) Ponytail-Easy Peasy

Update: Watch the video for the song, of a frantic recording of the band a while back performing at Coney Island.


Ponytail on Myspace
Get Do Whatever You Want All the Time soon here, from We Are Free

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