Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parenthetical Girls-The Pornographer

Nothing brighten ups a day quite like one of your new favorite bands releases a brand new song even if it's one like the Parenthetical Girls' new dark "The Pornographer". "The Pornographer" is probably what would have happened in some alternate dimension if the Parenthetical Girls had tried to be a blues band or The White Stripes. Thick slow guitar lines are layered over a steady thumping drum beat, with backing vocals even thrown in for good measure. It's haunting and so utterly different from everything the band has ever done, and should not work in any sense, yet Zac Pennington and company manage to pull it off ...again. The song is from their upcoming third 12" in their Privilege series, Privilege pt 3: Mend and Make Do, which is up for pre-order now.

(mp3) Parnethetical Girls-The Pornographer


Parenthetical Girls' Website
Pre-order Prvilage pt. 3: Mend and Make Do here, from Slender Means Society

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