Monday, March 21, 2011

Dead Gaze-Fishing with Robert

This is what happens when you attend SXSW. You are going crazy trying to keep track of every other show that is happening, running around Austin like a mad man, all the while the music world keeps turning. For instance, my favorites Dead Gaze released a brand new mp3 off of their upcoming new seven inch for Atelier Ciseaux, the french label that put out that the split Best Coast/Jeans Wilder single. "Fishing with Robert" kind of sounds like its title, bringing a bit of a Campfires styling or Surfer Blood riff to usual dreamy and distorted as fuck lo-fi rock that Cole is producing. Truly, Dead Gaze keeps doing no wrong and keeps getting better and better.

(mp3) Dead Gaze-Fishing with Robert (via Weekly Tape Deck)


Dead Gaze on Myspace
Buy the single now here, from Atelier Ciseaux

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