Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Flaming Lips w/ Neon Indian-Is David Bowie Dying?

I love the Flaming Lips. They were one of the very first "indie" bands I got into (though being on a major label for so long makes you wonder how they qualify for that. I guess the same way Sonic Youth did). The first time I heard "She Don't Use Jelly" I ran to buy Transmissions from the Satellite Heart and blasted that song over and over again, and at the same time discovering how incredible the whole album was. Nothing tops though experience of seeing the band finally for the first time last year at their all too short set at ACL last year. Now free from a major label after being tied to one for so long, the band is diving head first into every creative odd end they can think of. First came "Two Blobs Fucking" the twelve-part Youtube song meant to be heard on a bunch of peoples mobile devices, a la their famous one album over four CDs  Zaireeka. It is very demented track and truly should be heard in it's original intent. However for those without twelve friend, listen for yourself.

But what is even more impressive is their latest project, a four song 12" collaboration EP with none other than chillwave god Neon Indian. The result, at least on the awesomely titled "Is David Bowie Dying?" is a slightly more beat infused and proper extension on what the band did on Embryonic, with odes to what they did on The Soft Bulletin as well, no doubt do to them performing said album in its entirety recently. I ask how is it possible for a band to keep changing their sound, become increasingly more experimental as they grow older, and for songs like "Is David Bowie Dying?" to be this great? Said 12" was only on a pressing of 1000 and is completely sold out now, so here's praying the band does decide to reissue it very soon.


The Flaming Lips' Website
Neon Indian on Myspace

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