Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Single Review: Pink Playground-Sunny Skies 7"

Pink Playground is a band from Houston, Texas that has been putting out hand-made CDRs and cassettes of their shoegaze for a little while now. Now the wonderful folks at Zoo Music have released the band's debut 7"; a simple two song affair to showcase what will soon to be the next showgaze obssetion. The title track is creamy smooth neo-shoegaze track that doesn't burn so much as melt into a pile of My Bloody Valintine musical goo. It's remininesient of the Whirl cassette I was adoring a few months ago, if the band had wanted to concentrated a little more on adding a level of atmosphere to their barage of melodic shoegaze. The flip side "Here Comes the Rain" ventures even further into the band's own take on the genre (or style of music, take your pick), creating a sort of "synthgaze" track if you will, a mix of dream pop and Cloudland Canyon, or at the very least this is what the world's slowest shoegaze song sounds like. This is pour headphone music, just something to get lost in for hours at a time, only getting up to flip over the single, over and over again.

(mp3) Pink Playground-Sunny Skies


Pink Playground on Bandcamp
Buy the single here, from Zoo Music

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