Monday, March 28, 2011

Audio Antihero: Broken Shoulder and Bob Hope Would

Audio Antihero is at it again. Continuing their wave of supporting whatever underappreciated band they come in contact with, AAH is supporting the digital release and physical release of brand new British artist Broken Shoulder. Broken Shoulder first ever release is the seven song Broken Shoulderrr EP, is completely different from anything Audio Anti-Hero have release in that it is the label’s first foray into ambient music. However, to describe this EP and this band as just another “ambient” artist is selling him short on way to many levels. One listen to “Morning Is Broken” takes you to the desolate twilight that is crafted here in the mind, with waves of singular static and warped to infinity guitar tones used as the perfect foils to this sound. I’m a still a newbie to this entire genre of music, but even I can feel the simple, rhythmic beauty made here. Every part of the songs falls and cascades on each other, each time bringing a new tone or element with it, so when they finish it is something every so subtly different than how the songs originally started. From the weeping guitar lines that encompass “Uff/Magow” to the singular piano tone that manages to stretch “Chocolate One Room Disco” into a 10 minute note of beauty, Broken Shoulder should be put up there with every other “experimental/ (noisy) ambient artist out here in the US, though labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant to this genre of music. One listen to “Sato Costume” and “Ultimate Donko” back to back speaks volumes as to every angle Broken Shoulder is trying and can accomplish. Listen at night with your headphones on and your eyes closed.

(mp3) Broken Shoulder-Uff/Magow


Stream and buy Broken Shoulderrr here, from Audio Antihero

As you’ve heard, Japan got hit by just about every single natural disaster known to man with the past few weeks, and is now dealing with a nuclear and radiation situation, not to mention limited supplies and housing for all the people they had to evacuate. Not surprisingly, several bands and labels have set up various projects to raise funds to the situation in Japan, and Audio Antihero is playing their part as well. Bob Hope Would is a massive 34 track digital compilation of almost completely exclusive, alternate, or demo songs not only from Nosferatu D2, Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter, and Broken Shoulder, but Fighting Kites, Paul Hawkins and The Awkward Silences and a mountain of more. It’s only ₤3.99, has tons on great music, and it's all for a good cause.


Stream and download Bob Hope Would here, from Audio Antihero

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