Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Animal Collective-Keep Cassette Songs

These days it can be easier to view Animal Collective as well, a collective than a full band. With solo albums by Avey Tare and Panda Bear having emerged within the past year, and another by Deacon to come out soon too, every individual in the band want their moment (and style) to shine, as opposed to appearing only in the homoginized greatness of Animal Collective. Now, as if to expand even further on that concept, comes this cassette of four separate, almost demo songs from each of Animal Collective band members. The most incredible part of the whole release (though probably not surprising to many)is that despite what seems to be minimal effort into the everything, every single song is just fucking great. The two songs by the two members that haven't heard from are quite excellent with Geologists "Jailhouse " being a nice sprawling ambient soundscape, while Deakin's "Country Report" might just be the greatest one of the bunch, a drony, Merriweather Post Pavilion style piece of music that was infinitely better than anything he did back at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Panda Bear's "The Preakness" is a simple, yet elegant and classic Panda Bear song very much in the vein of what has been heard on Tomboy and sounding a lot like "You Can Count on Me". Avey Tare's "Call Home (Buy Grapes)" is probably the only odd one out, a strange, subdued, slightly pulsating song with even more bizarre vocals layered on top of it. However, viewed as a experiment in style, the song actually works quite well.

(mp3) Geologist-Jailhouse (via ANDTHATSHOWITSDONE)
(mp3) Avey Tare-Call Home (Buy Grapes) (via ANDTHATSHOWITSDONE)
(mp3) Deakin-Country Report (via ANDTHATSHOWITSDONE)
(mp3) Panda Bear-The Preakness (via ANDTHATSHOWITSDONE)

While the cassette itself is long gone, the shoes and charity it was part of are still on sale. Check here for more details.

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