Thursday, September 30, 2010

At the Intersection of Jangle and Garage Punk

Myelin Sheaths is not front women Cassandra Ward. However, Cassandra Ward is the front women of Myelin Sheaths, the phenomenal garage four piece straight from Canada. I know (honestly I do), how constantly blogs these are gushing about the latest garage flash-in-the-pan, who release a very awesome single only to be ignored next releases time. Well Myelin Sheaths are the real deal. These are tunes from their brand Get On Your Nerves LP of of South Paw Records (who have brought us other lovely release from Young Governor, and The White Wires), are pure Jay Reatard worship and it's wonderful. "Gloves/Mutations" in particular is a great ode to "Blood Visions", and the way the band manages to pull of instrumental intro into the chantey main song is proof of their garage-punk hybrid perfection.

(mp3) Myelin Sheaths-Gloves/Mutations

"Everything is Contagious" slows things down a bit. It kind of has that Jacuzzi Boys jangle to the riff (no wonder both bands released a 7" on HoZac), but there's definitely more snark to it as well. It has a first-wave punk feel to it, but done in a modern way of course with the back up chants. Oh, and it completely stands up to "Gloves/Mutations" as well.

(mp3) Myelin Sheaths-Everything is Contagious


Myelin Sheaths on Myspace
Pre-order Get On My Nerves here, from Southpaw Records

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