Wednesday, September 8, 2010

M. Pyres and The Ambient and Fuzzy Night Time

M Pyres comes from the fertile indie lands of Colorado, which has produced the likes of Weed Diamond and Woodsman. So it should be no surprise that M Pyres cranks out semi-similar sounding airy lo-fi songs, somewhere between Campfires punchy psych tunes and Julian Lynch style soft and sparseness, with chunks of ambiance thrown in as well. After releasing the quite spectacular Apart the Echo cassette last year, M Pyres is back with two new releases on Patient Sounds once again. There are not proper releases per say, more bits and pieces that were decided to be put together. The BLACK TAPE is just that in fact, various demos, differently mixed, and other tracks all in one package. It’s not cohesive to say the least, but it’s not suppose to be, and it manages to show off what M Pyres is trying to do more of, which is getting a little moodier and experimental without losing his roots and style in the process. The Cast Off/Cold Months cassette is very concert on the other hand, in the fact that this is M Pyres diving head first into his love of ambiance. Nothing but long sonic landscapes and extended keyboard notes. It has been dark, dreary, and rainy here in Texas, and Cast Off/Cold Months fits the mood to a tee. I have never given ambiance the time of day, but this might be what pushes me over into the genre. If you can’t manage to snag one of the 10 copies of either cassette (yes, only 10!), Patient Sounds has both album up for download for free. I expect many handmade/mixtape versions to pop up and be traded shortly.

(mp3) M Pyres-Gravity Deluxe ( A Grand Exit) (From BLACK TAPE)
(mp3) M Pyres-No Currents (from BLACK TAPE)
(mp3) M Pyres-Wit as Ism (Demo) (from BLACK TAPE)
(mp3) M Pyres-The deep sea Divide (From Cast Off/Cold Months)


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