Friday, September 10, 2010

Guided By Guided By Voices Cassette

The details for the Guided By Voices tribute cassette, properly titled Guided By Guided By Voices, was announced by Wild Animal Kingdom. Various members of the Underwater Peoples/Wild Animal Kingdom/New Jersey scene have covered various Guided By Voices songs, right in time for their reunion tour, and the cassette is on sale now. In conjunction with the info, three brand new covers were released into the world today. Fluffy Lumbers' quiet and slow cover of " Club Molluska", Martin Courteny IV (front man of Real Estate) two-part cover of the under appreciated "Kicker of Elves" and "As We Go Up, We Go Down" and Pill Wonder's semi-trippy take on "My Valuable Hunting Knife". The track list is below and features other very incredible/awesome artists like Invisible Hand, Big Trouble, and Andrew Cedermark. The cassette itself is limited to only 100 copies, and I expect it to not only run out ASAP, but not to be reprinted any time soon either

(mp3) Fluffy Lumber-Club Molluska (via Microphone Memory Emotion)
(mp3) Martin Courteny IV-Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up,We Go Down (via Sterogum)
(mp3) Pill Wonder-My Valuble Hunting Knife (via Weekly Tape Deck)

And in case you may have forgotten:

(mp3) Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody-Motor Away (via Stereogum)

UPDATE: I am proud to announce that Harpoon Forever has sent me their just as staggering and more rocking cover of "Awful Bliss". Check out the new cover right here:

Track List:

01 GBGBVOLYWA – “Intro”
02 Invisible Hand – “Non-Absorbing”
03 Chromium Bitch – “Tractor Rape Chain”
04 No Demons Here – “Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks”
05 Martin Courtney IV – “Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down”
06 Andrew Cedermark – “A Good Flying Bird”
07 Air Waves – “Back To The Lake”
08 Big Troubles – “A Big Fan of the Pigpen”
09 Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody – “Motor Away”
10 Eternal Summers – “A Salty Salute”
11 Pill Wonder – “My Valuable Hunting Knife
12 Hallelujah The Hills – “Chicken Blows
13 FZ – “I Am A Scientist”
14 Harpoon Forever – “Awful Bliss”
15 Citymouth & Chromium Bitch – “They’re Not Witches”
16 Fluffy Lumbers – “Club Molluska”
17 Dana Jewell – “14 Cheerleader Coldfront”


  1. ha. I just went a head and bought a copy without even listening. can't wait.

  2. No worries. Awesome indie artists covering Guided By Voices on a very limited cassette release means do not wait.