Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parenthetical Girls Are Bleeding For You

Parenthetical Girls are releasing their second 12" EP of their 5 part Privilege album this coming Tuesday, titled Pt. II The Past, Imperfect. "Young Throats" was released along with that news of the coming 12", and it's lays in complete contrast with what was heard on Pt. I. A pure and utter synth induced song, complete with drum machine and airy keyboard notes, it's kind of reminiscent of a darker Of Montreal song, but without any funk influence and even more painful lyrics, as is the pedigree of Zac Pennington. It might make you get on the dance floor, but it might make you cry there as well.

(mp3) Parenthetical Girls-Young Throats

Update: Parenthetical Girls have released a very bizarre, artsy video to accompany the song. View it in all its nonunderstandable and unwavering in difference glory.


As long as we are talking about the Parenthetical Girls, I would like to back track a bit and talk about Pt. I of Privilege for a second. In pure honesty, I had never really given the Parenthetical Girls the time of day, with the orchestra pop "A Song for Ellie Greenwich" really throwing me threw a loop. However, a few months ago when I decided for whatever absent minded reason to download "Evelyn McHale" and fell over in utter disbelief. A sweetly sad song to one of the most perfectly picked subject for a band, "Evelyn McHale" is a song that just manged to hit with it's acoustic strum and lyrical prowess that I just listened to it over and over again. I finally got Pt. I in the mail after putting it of for so long, and I can honestly say that it might be one of my favorite EPs, if not records, of this year, especially how the whole 12" manges to convey the same sense given that was felt on "Evelyn McHale". It's looking like each new part will lead to the band diving into new musical territory, as evidenced by "Young Throats", but I can say I am still wonderfully excited for what is to come next by Parenthetical Girls.

(mp3) Parenthetical Girls-Evelyn McHale


Parenethical Girls' Website
Slender Means Society Label, run by Parenthical Girls

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