Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heavy Hawaii-Teen Angel

From the heartland of L.A., and the other two members former members of Fantastic Magic, comes Heavy Hawaii and their sparse neo-psychedelia. "Teen Angel" is a wonderfully quirky, handclap infused pop gem, something akin to Blonde Redhead and Ariel Pink jamming together and sped up a little. This will be off their upcoming 6 song 12" on Art Fag Recordings which will be out this month on the 28th. If this starts to wet your hipster taste buds for Heavy Hawaii, they also have an upcoming cassette on Mirror Universe coming out soon, along with a 7" on Vivian Girl's imprint label Wild World. Get excited over "Teen Angel" before you wind up getting lost in the soon to be mountain of blissful tunes this band will be turning out.

(mp3) Heavy Hawaii-Teen Angel (via Weekly Tape Deck)


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