Thursday, September 2, 2010

That's The Sound of Your Brain on Fire

Usually I only write about one band at a time, but these two share a very similar ascetic, yet come out with such different music, so what would be more apt then showcasing both in one post? The weirdness of San Francisco Water Cooler's name is only ignored only when one is exposed to the insanity of their music. this music is a wonderfully blistering loud mess that is so unfocused that it comes all the way back around and focuses if you listen to it again. Ty Segall new Melted style after he has eaten handfuls of LSD and mushrooms for days, no weeks on end. That is what SFWC sounds like with II. Describing tracks would be useless because of how separated every track is from another, not to mention songs can go from a fuzzed out garage stomper to a psychotic art rock break down in seconds. Everything and the kitchen does not come close to describing this whirlwind of an album. II will only appeal to a sliver of music lovers, but for does it does click with, it will be musical bliss. What could be this year's most overlooked gem.


Rayon Beach are another animal altogether. Straight from Austin, Texas, one look at the cover art of this 12" EP should give you a decent idea of what your dealing with. This is what happens when the Texas heat finally gets to you; it melts your brain into such a poodle that you start banging on the wire faulty guitars and peddles, and sing whatever random thing comes to you mind at that moment. You pour it all into an 8-track, compress it, and pray it comes out good on the speaker end. Rayon Beach have a more evident garage tint to them to focus the music, particularly evident in "Wave Pool Ether" and "Paradise is Frail". Even in those tunes it's just as much "psychedelic front man guiding local art school dropouts" quality to them as well, and I mean that in the best possible way.


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