Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harpoon Forever: Summer Vacation

For some reason, indie artists tend to love the summer time. Case in point, all the summer time albums that have come out in the time span of last month. And while summer may be officially over, a few bands are squeezing the last sunshine tunes, like Harpoon Forever. Much like Surfer Blood, the band invokes something aquatic with the band name and through cover art. Unlike Surfer Blood though, the band is less Pavement and Weezer, and a lot more Guided By Voices. How much like Guided By Voices? They sound like Von Hayes being fronted by BYODeath, who if your not familiar with either, are both bands I love and and total worshipers of the Guided By Voices thrown. Though Harpoon Forever manges to change the formula around quite a bit, with cleaner production by a landslide, and a all around more indie pop sound to the tunes. Not to mention the 4 minute solo Incorporated into "Paddle to Sea", that somehow manages to work wonders and not be annoying noodle rock. But it all manges to come back to that GbV core, and that's what's so attractive of them.

(mp3) Harpoon Forever-Summer Vacation
(mp3) Harpoon Forever-Paddle To Sea


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