Monday, October 4, 2010

Album Review: Andrew Cedermark-Moon Deluxe

Quite easily, I think, my most anticipated album of the year. Not only was it coming out on the always stellar Underwater Peoples, but when "Moon Deluxe" was released all those months ago, you just knew the album would be something special. "Moon Deluxe" just hits you in the chest like an emotional sack of bricks, with its mind blowing electric over acoustic guitar riff and removing your breath with just he beauty of it. The fact that he managed to construct a whole album of this, with each song as potent and poetic as the last, is what's so shattering.

The Microphones and Titus Andronicus are, of course unavoidable reference points. Not that it's a bad thing at all. The musical build ups and arrangements are Microphones worthy, especially using feedback as an emotional conveyer, as well as the lyrical openness and loss that comes from playing in Titus Andronicus. But the result of these influences, and everything Cedermark listens to, is something very different and original. It's winter captured in music form, cold and a bit bitter, but for those who love and appreciate that time of year, that's something wonderful about all the emotions that get stirred up around that time of year. Captured in "Gloria '85" and "Anchorite" is particular mange to capture that sound perfectly. "Hard Livin'" though is the clear centerpiece of it all. While an older track, it works perfectly here. The way the reverb and drum work match the confusion of the lyrics will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. "I wanted to go to a party with you/Not because I like parties/I hate them, but I like you", is everything Cedermark is trying to convey in one simple yet perfect verse. And ending the whole album with the jumpy "I Don't Know You" with its spazmatic horn pieces and Cedermark singing coming out like rapid fire, stumbling over another, like the Music Tapes on cocaine or another high octane drug, it strikes you with the disbelief of how unreal Moon Deluxe is. Get this album.


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