Friday, March 26, 2010

Show Me A Word That Rhymes With Pavement

In the wake of the Pavement reunion that is happening right now as you read this, the level at which the blogosphere is excited about it is about at the same level as... well I don't think it has ever been this high. So while everyone is diving back in to their old Pavement records, my friend Jamie from Audio Anti-Hero was kind enough to tell me about Show Me A Word That Rhymes With Pavement. Released by the great Filthy Little Angels Records, a British label that has put out some really great indie pop over the years, has created this 17 track album of Pavement covers by a huge batch of UK artists, including Creative Intersection favorite Benjamin Shaw. And guess what, it is actually a really good cover album! Admittedly a large portion of these artists are very obscure, but that is just another way perk of the album, to introduce you to a possible new favorite artist. The absolute best part though, is Filthy Little Angels has released the whole album for free on their website, so you have absolutely no excuse to not check it out.

Track List:

01 Cats and Cats and Cats - Cut Your Hair
02 Mascot Fight - Carrot Rope
03 The International Karate Plus - Box Elder
04 Vom Vorton - Zurich is Stained
05 Benjamin Shaw - Starlings of the Slipstream
06 Black Heart Generator - Serpentine Pad
07 Postcode - In the Mouth a Desert
08 Ace Bushy Striptease - Secret Knowledge of Backroads
09 Horowitz - I Love Perth
10 Captain Polaroid - Here
11 The Dead Cassettes - Gold Soundz
12 Jack Lewis and the Golden Indies - Stub Your Toe
13 Later - Trigger Cut
14 Rod Jones - Shady Lane
15 Olympic Swimmers - We Dance
16 Billy Ruffian - Stereo
17 Miss Halliwell - Silence Kid

Download Show Me A Word That Rhymes With Pavement


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