Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SXSW 2010: Magic Kids at Charlie's (3/17/10)

Magic Kids somehow managed to convert pure childhood wonder and joy into a set. In the incredibly cramped quarters that was Charlie's, the band managed to blast the crowd with some actual fun. I was worried whether it was worth coming this far to see them (the show was about a mile and a half away from all the other shows) for a band whose two songs I've liked but not loved. But from the moment those doe-eye 60's notes hit the room, they had won. It was just so sweet and cute you forgot that jaded cynicism existed and wanted to sing along to every word they sang, even though you knew less than half. Then to top it off, for the finale, the singer Bennett goes soul singer and starts falling into the crowd. I think it was the biggest and best surprise of SXSW.

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