Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW 2010: Japandroids at Emo's (3/17/10)

Nothing like kick starting one of the best musical festivals in the world with a bang, and Japandroids truly delivered on that end. I caught them playing their first show at SXSW and having only 20 minutes on top of that, but the band still managed to pull off one hell of a show Blasting through "The Boys Are Leaving Town" and "Rockers West Vancouver" the band achieved something close to pure energy with Brian King thrashing on his guitar like a mad man on speed and David Prowse drumming the equivalent of that. Faces reddened and screams and yelps somehow managed to become musical while the band played new jam "Art Czars" and "Wet Hair" for only the second time in the U.S. Then realizing they had only 3 minutes left, they blasted into an incredibly tight and ear pounding 5 minute "Young Hearts Spark Fire". And then just like that they were gone. Who needs coffee when you've got Japandroids?

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