Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Many Boyfrineds-That's What Diaries Are For

The underground indie scene is becoming better and better with each passing week, and such becoming more and more underrated. Sparky Deathcap, Dananananaykroyd, Superman Revenge Squad, Johnny Foreigner are all getting minimal coverage in the USA as great as they are. Add This Many Boyfriends to that ever growing list. Taking their name from a Beat Happening song (already a good sign), the band nails perfectly the sweet spot between being a band that makes insanely great sugar-coated indie pop that isn't too annoying or cutesy in a way that people tend to have problems with this kind of music. It's like Los Campesinos! style guitar parts and energy layered twee-style instrumentation that is both simple and fierce, but just as catchy as those to things combined. Equal parts the entire catalogs of Slumberland and Sarah Records, the band has yet to even have a proper release and already sound like their at the top of their game. One listen and these tunes won't be out of your earphones for weeks. Someone please get a label to listen to them.

(mp3) This Many Boyfriends-That's What Diaries Are For


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Download the band's 2 song demo here, at

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