Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SXSW 2010: Titus Andronicus at Emo's (3/17/10)

I broke a cardinal rule of SXSW by going to this show: never see a band you've already seen before at South by Southwest. But with a band as great as Titus Andronicus, I had to make an exception. Plus it was a new line up playing brand new songs from this year's beyond stellar The Monitor. And what more needs to be said about Titus that multiple blogs, Pitchfork, and music magazines haven't said already? They're New Jerseyans and they rock just as hard as anyone from that state does. They only managed to play 4 songs that entered into prog-rock time lengths, but still managed to be just as great and entertaining when they are banging out snottier punk tunes. All the songs managed to translate live with the whole band rocking out in unison. Plus they managed to trigger a mini mosh pit when Japandroids couldn't and with a violinist in tow. That's got to get bonus points.

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