Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Titus Andronicus: A More Perfect Union

With their upcoming second album The Monitor release only a week away, and despite the album having been leaked a while ago, Titus Andronicus have released their second song from the album, the epic 7-minute album opener “A More Perfect Union”. I was a bit worried when I heard about how long the tracks would be on the album not because Titus Andronicus can’t write a good long song, but if it would work at for an entire album, a concept album at that. Well if this is any indication, it will not only work, but will be great. After a cool, old sampled speech, the band dives into an epic and depressing ode to going on even when you have no idea where your going, a la Bruce Springsteen through an indie rock filter. It’s just awesome and the multiple guitar solos just make it sweeter.

(mp3) Titus Andronicus- A More Perfect Union

And for those who can’t wait (and haven’t already illegally downloaded the album), the band has up on their Myspace the entire album to stream. Check it here.


Titus Andronicus Website
Pre-Order the album here at Insound

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