Monday, March 22, 2010

Single Review: Tiny Knives/Here Comes A Big Black Cloud Split

What we have here is a preview single from Stankhouse Records. This is an official release, but what I mean is all the tracks from these sides will appear on future release from the respected bands. Still we don't know when those will come out, so you should enjoy this single while you can. The Tiny Knives side is pure dark sided post-punk. There is definitely a paranoia and grittiness to the music, and it especially comes off in the guitar playing, which sounds like sped up metal riffs being banged out of tin foil strings. The bass is very prominent and super think through the mix, and the singer doesn't help, with a voice that sounds like a monotone and growl at the same time. Catchy is the wrong word to use here, but it definitely grabs you, and there are some good hooks planted inside the third song. Interesting stuff, especially if you like your female fronted post-punk dark and edgy.

The insane Here Comes A Big Black Cloud continue with more dark tinted music, but in an entire new direction. The first track is a mix between lo-fi garage rock and swamp/blues rock, with some organ throwing in for good measure. It's something that would be blasting out of speakers at a demented fun house on Halloween night. The other tracks continue in this direction, with a quick instrumental, and another quick song that sound like a more spastic take on the first track. This defiantly is strange and more than a little weird, but in a good way. It's nice to listen to something different like this after all the mountains of lo-fi pop that seem to be coming from everywhere.


Tiny Knives on Myspace
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud Website
Buy the single here, at Stankhouse Records

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