Friday, February 26, 2010

Album Review: Kevin Greenspon+Nicole Kidman-Blue Crush

Quirky. That’s probably the best way to describe this album. This is coming from the mastermind of the great Bridgetown records himself Kevin Greenspon, as well as frequent Bridgetown contributor Nicole Kidman. Together they have made Blue Crush, which happens to be a split, collaboration and concept record all in one.

All the songs are about love during your school life in a sweet indie dork/twee sort of way., but the songs aren’t twee sounding at all. Almost all of the songs are based around a drum machine beat or loop, layered with a fuzzy guitar or wobbly piano. Both artists’ music have a distinctive side though, with Greenspon capturing the awkwardness of the age, and Kidman the pain. Opener “Maybe” sounds like a demo for Archers of Loaf’s “Web in Front” with different lyrics. Electronic beeps on “Pieces” and bedroom 4-track rock on “Graduated” all follow on Greenspon’s quest for the girl. Kidman’s music is were it gets a little darker. “Littletrux” is both sweet and sad, a minute 30 slice of Guided By Vocies style piano. He even crafts a fuzzy ambient track (“Yearbook”) that oddly doesn’t feel out of place on the album. The best tracks are the ones with both artists working together though. “Tyrone” is such a sweet super fuzzy tune, it’s what the Magic Kids would sound like if they went lo-fi. “Loser” is the shortest song I’ve heard dedicated to self-deprecation, but the feedback filled guitars manage to make it work.

This album is a bit silly, but works in a way you need to hear to understand. I really hope these two work together in the future again. The cassette is already sold out and there are barely any copies of the CD left, so act fast.

(mp3) Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman-Tyrone


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