Thursday, April 4, 2013


For a band who's first introduction for many people was the howling & blistering noise-pop of "Coma Summer", it's sort of incredible that Weekend of reached a point like "Mirror", just by their second album alone. Sure, their Hazel EP showed off a more refined fined sound, one that wasn't encased within pure, near brutal distortion, but their jagged balance was still present nonetheless. "Mirror", however, feels like an almost completely different band. It can be felt from the intro, which is so much gauzier than their previous material. When the guitar kicks in, it's like bursts of static rather than the usual assault that is expected from the band. The guitar is almost treated like an abstract, the way it cuts in just to instantly fade out makes it feel more like something that is suppose to haunt the track then be a part of it. Everything on the track feels restrained, ready to burst at the seems, from the track's intense but steady drum work to frontman Shaun Durkan's spacy vocals, but never really outside of select moments that serve to emphasis rather than kickstart. More than anything "Mirror" is trying to capture a mood, one fueled by anguish and inner turmoil. In other words, Weekend have crafted an excellent, modern goth song, almost completely divorced from their noise-pop past, but still just as engulfing as those tracks were.


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