Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lower-Another Life

The last time Lower's were making music it was on "Someone's Got It In For Me/But There Has To Be More" 7", which showed them moving to a more gothic, drawn out sound that worked with their noisy-post hardcord sound and morose lyrics. However, that seems to have been only a phase because their new song "Another Life" is a massive kick of intense, bleak post-hardcore. It doesn't hit the same level of intensity that they did with the Walk On Heads EP, but that is intentional. "Another Life" is meant to draw from both dynamics of the band; it contains the same claustrophobic and murky post-hardcord instrumentation (which just the slightest hint of an added layer of melody), while giving Adrian Toubro's vocals and lyrics more room to deliver their cold and nihilistic message. "Another Life" is a dark and almost evil song, directed with intensity and anger to the person on the other end, but like their pals Iceage, there is nothing cartoonish or two dimensional about it. Instead, it feels real and visceral, something the band had no control over unleashing, and now can only channel as powerfully as possible.


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