Monday, April 8, 2013

New Cassette: Clubhouse Split

Releases like Clubhouse are the reason I am so, so happy that a cassette resurgence happened in some form. I don't think a release like this could exist in any other format. A project undertaken by bedroom-pop priestess Emily Reo, she gathered material from her cohorts and friends, along with her own music, to create a mini-showcase out all of them. What effectively is a four-way split becomes something much more seamless because each of these artists operate in a similar style--something that lays right between dreary, electronic-but-not bedroom pop & the lightest of dream pop--but all have their own, crafted sound so that nothing winds up blurring.

Bedroom Bread crafts the most eclectic mix of songs, with the warbled patch work of samples and mnemonic tone that serve as the background to the her cave like chants on "Sister" laying in direct contrast to the more straight forward build-up and stomp of "Moths". MoonLasso creates the closest thing to dream-pop on Clubhouse, her simple guitar playing popping in contrast to the electronics that swell around the rest of the song; both "Vibrasonics" & "Skies All Around" have these wonderful left turns to their sound that add so much dimension to them. Yohuna, possibly one of my favorite artists of right now (if only she would make more songs), creates two of the wonderful echo-pop songs to grace the ears; tracks that build and build, not to a boom, but to a point that they are immersing everything around them. There's a reason "Westerlies" was chosen to close out this tape. Then there are Emily Reo's songs themselves; silky, glowing blobs of gorgeous electronic pop, from the sparse, tropical flare of "Peaches", to the darker, more experimental twist of the appropriately named mini-sprawl "Metal".  

Clubhouse is such a simple concept, but executed so well that it rises above being just a showcase or sampler of some sort. Clubhouse is eight wonderful tracks of outsider pop, by four distinct artists, all contained in one lovely cassette.


Buy Clubhouse here, from Crash Symbols
Emily Reo's Website
Yohuna's Facebook
MoonLasso's Facebook
Brown Bread's Facebook

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