Monday, April 22, 2013

Andrew Cedermark-Canis Major

Describing music as "nostalgic", or that it invokes "a deeply nostalgic feeling" can be the type of thing that stops someone from listening to a track instantly. It's understandable to a certain degree; why listen to something that is built around false emotions, a track that causing longing for something that usually was never really there in the first place? But I think the power of Andrew Cedermark's music, and anyone who listened to Moon Deluxe when it came out can contest to this, is his ability to make those notions of nostalgia and longing for almost abstract elements of the past seem like the most powerful things in the world. "Canis Major", from his upcoming second album Home Life, is a perfect representation of all this. Built around a rolling, alt-country lick that would have made the Silver Jews proud, Cedermark recounts love lost that he knew would be lost anyway, and the things we long even when they are there in the first place. "Canis Major" has less of the crashing crescendos that were present on the songs on Moon Deluxe, instead holding a steady jaunt with just the right burst of cymbals crashing and guitars distorting. It also helps to shift the song from the cold winter winds that use to envelop Cedermark's songs to the burnt, humid, and drunk summer nights that now seem to color his world. "Canis Major" is a slow burning slice of indie rock and Americana at the perfect cross hairs, something that perfectly paints the picture of a past that is no longer there, and are not sure you want to return in the first place. But with this as the soundtrack, it's nice knowing it was there at all.


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