Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Juan MacLean-You Are My Destiny

I've never listened to house music. This probably isn't an uncommon thing for an indie rock nerd to be say, and personally I thought I would go a steady portion of my life without activity indulging in the genre. Not that there is anything wrong with the genre per se, but the brief snippets I had heard over time trigger the same response in me is akin to how a lot of people probably feel about American dubstep; it's a blur intense, repetitive, noisy beats that have no form or distinction. A deeply ignorant view I know, and something that was shattered with one listen to The Juan MacLean's "You Are My Destiny".

The beat that introduces the song is perfect, this wonderful thick "thump" that is intense and grows, but never starts bashing your skull in. It holds steady through out the build, before it drops to let the watery and grimy synths take over the song, giving it an almost sparse, floating feel to it. Then the final piece kicks in that cements "You Are My Destiny"'s greatness; Nancy Whang's vocals, which were chopped and spread through out the track, emerge fully formed and delivered with a robotic intensity that brings the track to life. It sprawls from there, like any good dance song, and you just get lost in the faded neon world it creates. Maybe I'm drawn to "You Are My Destiny" because it exhibits so many traits that are not usually irregular to house music. Even if that's true though, I know "You Are My Destiny" is a stunner of a track, one that doesn't escape the brain and will forever cause my body to start twitching when I hear it.


The Juan MacLean's Website
Buy the "You Are My Destiny" 12" here, from DFA Records

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