Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vår-The World Fell

The way Vår has evolved over their years as a band has truly been striking. Originally content to create the murkiest, most lo-fi, electronica imaginable, their newest single "The World Fell" is absolutely anything but, and it is equally as wonderful. "The World Fell" sets Vår as the dance band they are, however warped of an approach they have to that genre, from its opening moments. The hefty kick drum that opens the track serves both as its beat and core, its sparse reverb serving in sharp contrast to the band's blurry past. Nothing is obscured, from the lovely, bubbly synth lines that dance through out the track to the guitar scrapes that add to the tracks intensity. Most striking are Loke Rahbek's lyrics, which bring this heavy intensity and emotional weight to the track; every word being clearly emoted and even coated in a cool anger. Not that anything less is expected from a track that uses the Apocalypse as a metaphor for one's (love) life. And yet, as clear and intense "The World Fell" and Vår's new sound is (and to be clear, it has always been pretty intense), there is an underlying loveliness to the track, something that sets it apart from just intense electronica to something more. It's that dicotamy, as unbalanced as it maybe, that leads to "The World Fell" sounding so incredible.


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