Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holograms-Flesh and Bone

Holograms sort of popped out of nowhere last year to release of the best, and most under appreciated (myself included), albums of last year, their self-titled debut. It was one of the best meldings of post-punk and coldwave, a detached but intense body of songs can Joy Division comparisons in the best sense possible. However, "Flesh and Bone", from their just announced second album Forever, might blow everything they've done out of the water. It is a perfect crystallization of every great aspect of the band, from the made-of-water like bass line that opens the track, the dark synth lines adding to the atmosphere rather than overpowering the song, and the guitar just the right degree of trebled jangle to give it the perfect subtle but jagged punch that it cements at "Flesh and Bone"'s core. Towering above all else are Andreas Lagerström's vocals, a dark, detached monster that imparts deeply desolate prose about life crushing every bit of hope around you. Comparisons to Iceage will be unavoidable, as deserving as a band like Holograms are of them, but Holograms have more in common with Lower, if Lower had decided to go for a maximalist sound instead of a minimalist one. However, that should not take away from the fact that Holograms may have perfect their sound with Forever, and that "Flesh and Bone" is one of the most wonderful bleak and great post-punk songs I've heard all year.


Holograms' Website
Pre-order Forever soon here, from Captured Tracks

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