Friday, April 5, 2013


While no one in their right mind would ever call DSTVV’s music organic, “Crusher” seems to demonstrate they have the ability to make it increasingly more natural. The song is just as bombastic as anything that was on the Molly Soda EP, possibly more so from the (mildly) notched up production. However, there is an evolution here buried beneath all the pseudo-intensity. The song has a dance, almost rave like flare to it thanks to the increased utilization of the drum machine, which the band approaches in a much more creative fashion. The club like mentality they create serve as the perfect contrast to the vocal breaks in the song, which feel just as lonesome and alienated as ever. “Crusher” feels like it is recreating the feelings off feeling completely alienated in a massive social situation, complete with sense overloading blasts of sound in the form of chiptune processed shoegaze. It's saturated and noisy as all hell, along with being laying just at the edge of pure insensarity, but that all adds to the world "Crusher" is trying to make, and demonstrates that DSTVV can still make some utterly brainbashingly good music as well.


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