Friday, August 10, 2012


There is great music being created everywhere in the world. That might seem like an obvious or pointless statement, but it can escape the mind all too often. Thankfully there are bands like VVHILE to remind me of that fact. VVHILE are the first Serbian band I've ever heard, and they are awesome. Really. While it shouldn't be surprising in an age of Japandroids and other duos to sound like so much more, it's always wonderful when they actually pull it off so well. VVILE are pretty much everything I love in a band smashed together with a supercollider; fuzzed out, guitar blaring and drum constantly blaring indie rock.

The opening (and title) track "Vanity" is one of the best noise pop gems of the year, a sugar filled version of No Age's "Fever Dreaming", going from a dreamy, blurry beginning to an exploding finale. "Marriage Riots" builds on that finale, upping the intensity with jagged guitar lines and half second breakdown/freak outs that push the band into Death from Above, 1979 territory. "VVorldending Curse" bring back the more prominent hooks, emerging for a second with a Beach Fossils riff before exploding into a two minutes of noise filled, indie rock bliss. "Fecal Gaze" is the quietest the band gets on Vanity. A slow burner built on shimmering guitars and steady drums, the band manages to sound like a mini Beach House here, restraining themselves instead of erupting like they could have. VVHILE completely caught me by surprise, coming in from out of seemingly nowhere, but I am more than happy with that. Vanity is fully formed as a band can be coming out of the gate, and one of the EPs I have heard all year.


VVHILE's Facebook
Buy the Vanity EP here, from Twin Toe Records

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