Monday, August 20, 2012

Ty Segall-The Hill

Twins will mark the third album Ty Segall has helped mastermind this year. While some might (wrongly) lay claims of artistic excess, pause for a second and try to remember the last time your favorite band released three albums worth of material in one year. It doesn't happen because in almost every imaginable scinero this results in an over production of sub par albums. However, Ty Segall proves this doesn't always have to be true with the sonic punch that is "The Hill".

Taking a step back from the more classic and subdued sound of Goodbye Bread and riding the leftover energy from Slaughterhouse, "The Hill" is just two and a half minutes of uber fuzzed out, garage rock glory. With an angelic vocals to open the track, the song quickly explodes into a controlled rager from Segall that stops from flying right off the handle. Even in the solos are condensed into second long wiry riffs that flesh out the song. Instead Segall has crafted one of his catchiest songs to date, without compromising on any aspect of his sound, in fact cranking it up several notches with fantastic results.


Ty Segall's Website
Pre-order Twins here, from Drag City Records

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