Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ghetto Cross-Still

Would it be lazy to compare Ghetto Cross' "Still" to the Black Lips and Atlas Sound? Ghetto Cross are actually not a new band, having formed in 2008 by Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Cole Alexander of Black Lips. They even released the druggy and awesome "Dog Years" around the same time. Then everything went quite on that end, though we did get some great Deerhunter and Black Lips albums. Cut/slash to yesterday and the announcement that Ghetto Cross is back and will be releasing more music very soon, along with the actual release of the new song "Still".

"Still" is dreamier than it's predecessor, taking cues from the Black Lips at their haziest (see 200 Million Thousand) or Atlas Sound at his sparsest (see Parallax). The song has a real sun-backed feel to it, less of the shambles like feel of "Dog Years", and coming off as a cover of a long forgotten, melancholic '60s song. The added rhythm section adds a subtle stableness song so it can linger and emphasise the pain residing in the lyrics. By the end "Still" has deformed into a jagged, psych filled guitar solo, one crookedly repeated line, and still manages to maintain all the beauty (and darkness) with in it.


Deerhunter/Atlas Sound's Blog
Black Lips' Website
Ghetto Cross are playing their first ever show here, at Club 529 in Atlanta

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