Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parenthetical Girls-Curtins

Parenthetical Girls' five 12" EP long album Privilege will finally come to a close when the band releases Part IV: Portrait of a Reputation on September 11. After almost two years, I cannot wait to experience Privilege its intended, complete form. And what a better way to end the whole project than with a track like "Curtains". As the title suggests, the song is a eulogy, and beautiful one at that. As glowing synth lines wobble through out, Zac Pennington coos out pointed but heartfelt goodbye to someone. Cut a little deeper though, and you realize that he is actually singing about the end of itself and saying to the audience with it. By the time the parallel female vocals start to utter the lines "You payed for the let it go" it's clear what she's actually referring too. However, whatever dimension by which you choose to view the song, "Curtains" is just a plainly gorgeous goodbye song, and hell of a way to go out.


Parenthetical Girls' Website
Pre-order the Privilege V: Portrait of a Reputation EP/ Privilege box set here, from Slender Means Society

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