Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mister Lies-Dionysain

Mister Lies is a producer out of Chicago that has been kicking up a bit of buzz the past few months. He got a deal with Lefse and will be getting to release his debut next year. In the mean time he's releasing a single as part of Lefse's ongoing single series to tide people over. "Dionysain" is a lot more watery than Mister Lies previous work, with a beyond manipulated vocal sample and swampy beat being the backbone of the song. Even when the mini-drop occurs and the synths pick up in the second half of the song, the song still can't shake its dreary feel. Which is all a good thing because "Dionysain" is perfect as a sludgy electronic song, something that might have been made by Zeadron Del Gomez if he had ever written more music.

(mp3) Mister Lies-Dionysain (via Pitchfork)


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Pre-order the Dionysain/Waveny 7" here, from Lefse Records

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