Thursday, August 2, 2012

PAWS-Miss American Bookworm

US style '90s indie rock is undergoing a big nostalgia trip in the UK, and I have no good explanation for this. However, that's OK because it has lead to the production of some very great bands (Yuck, Fanzine, etc.) and some very fuzzy records. Now PAWS can be added to that slowly growing list of goodness. "Miss American Bookworm" is a Sonic Youth song injected with a megaton of catchiness and energy. At the same time the band pulls from the like of Cap'n Jazz in terms of moving from speedy, blaring, fuzz riffs to shimmering bridges as well as incorporating a few cries of anguish that feel genuine rather than faked. "Miss American Bookworm" is proof not only that noise and hooks can still be presented together in interesting ways, but can still be just plain fun too.


PAWS' Website
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