Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Music Tapes-Playing "Evening"

The Music Tapes easily can craft tunes that sound timeless, that can capture with just singing saw or a screechy howl a beauty about the world that seemed lost forever in modern times. However, when they want to, The Music Tapes can craft just awesome indie rock songs (or at least their equivalent of the genre), and they have done it again with "Playing 'Evening'".

Anyone who has even seen The Music Tapes live can contest of how excited the band gets on stage, especially main man Julian Koster who starts pogoing non stop and banging wildly on his banjo. "Playing 'Evening'" is that experience compressed into song form. Koster just flails on his banjo, banging on it it like it's a guitar while just wonderful bombastic drums blast in the background. The lyrics just add another of joy to a song already filled with it, declaring the glory in the time while the sun is setting the discoveries hidden within that time. Like their song "Night and Day", the band is able to find such wonder in the everyday-ness of life, and is able to make those feeling come to life so easily.

The Music Tapes are also in the mist of gathering funds for of the coolest and creative musical endeavors I have seen in a while; a world sprawling tour inside of a circus tent, accompanied by various creations and wonders crafted by Koster and the band. To help make The Traveling Imaginary as real as possible, donate to the band's kickstarter. World tent tour filled with Music Tape-ness people, help make it real!


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