Monday, August 27, 2012

Twerps-He's in Stock

Twerps hail from the ever infinite musical utopia that is Australia. However, unlike most of their musical brethren, Twerps play a brand of glorious melancholy jangle pop that evokes New Zealand gods The Clean more than anything. Their debut from last year was a under appreciated gem that I wish I had picked up sooner.

Anyway, after a little while, Twerps are back with another new single and a great B-side. "He's in Stock" shows off a more jagged edge to Twerps. Gone, or at least no present here, are the psychedelic builds a la Galaxie 500 the band infused within their songs. Instead, The Velvet Underground come to the forefront as the band sings of getting drugs, bums in their life, and what happens when the two. All the while the song rides on a wave of a simple, nearly constant drum beat and twangy guitar lines. The band's ability to craft another excellent jangle pop tune is not surprising, and doing just that would have been enough. However, their willingness to change it up a little bit, go a bit snottier and add another shade of post-punk, headed in a new direction, and let's "He's in Stock" rise above the past that proceeded it.


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Pre-order the Work it Out 7" here, from Underwater Peoples

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