Monday, February 27, 2012

Kupek-This is How It is Now

Bryan Lee O'Malley wrote one of the defining and definitive works of fiction of my generation, the Scott Pilgrim saga. And while he's been creating mindblowingly great comics for about a decade now, for almost as long he's been making/recording music under the name Kupek. "This is How It is Now" is the first song I've ever by Kupek and his first of the new decade. And holy shit is it incredible! Think an electronic Emperor X or a deeply more cynical Hot Chip. As a great beat and synth battle in the background, O'Malley spews  out an increasingly more frantic tale of being confused & lost in not only the city, but life in general. With simple, but stark lyrics and perfectly placed distorted guitar, "This is How It is Now" is probably how "The City" would have come out if The Dismemberment Plan had started making music today. I have not stopped listening to this song since I discovered it last night, and right now the plays are somewhere in the 100s. If you take one recommendation from this blog this year, nay for as long as I blog, please let it be to download this song.

(mp3) Kupek-This is How it Is Now


Bryan Lee O'Malley's Website
Download the entire Kupek discography here

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