Friday, February 24, 2012

Craft Spells-Still Left with Me

This song truly made my day. Craft Spells have always had a knack for creating deeply nostalgic, jangle infused synth pop that manages to skip over any sense of being corny or fake. However, Craft Spells might have perfected their formula here with "Still Left with Me". With a seismic jump in production value, Craft Spells skip over the usual airiness of their songs for something more substantial. "Still Left with Me" manages to be both manic and deeply dreamy at the same time, like what a M83 song sped up to 45 RPM would amount to. There's urgency at the song's core, and longing in the vocals, and with those elements all placed together, "Still Left with Me" forms to be pristine dream pop perfection.


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