Friday, February 24, 2012

War-Somme, Maggio

Despite everyone discovering them now thanks to Sacred Bones Records, War has actually been kicking around for a little while now. In fact for about a year now, the band has been putting out various cassettes of material on band member Loke Rahbek's own Posh Isolation label in Denmark. Now one of those releases is coming back to the general public. European label AVANT! is going to reissue War's split with Lust for Youth, The Glass House Etiquette, in March. "Somme, Maggio" from War's side is even darker than what was given as a taste with "Brodermordet". "Somme, Maggio" is pure electronic industrial, projecting you into a dark and bleak world, covered in snow with only a lone factory that produces nothing but misery. The track cascades over and over again like a waterfall, with a thumping pulse every few moments to crush anything around it. I think there is an actually sample of icy, howling wind in here as well. This a cold, cold song. Excellent, but scary stark.


Get The Glass House Etiquette 7" soon here, from AVANT! Records

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