Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spiritualized-Hey Jane

Jason Pierce is baiting everyone so much right now to make Velvet Underground comparisons. Calling the first single "Hey Jane" off an album called Sweet Heart Sweet Light, coupled with the repetitive, drone influenced, and excellent guitar riff at the core of "Hey Jane" that eventually builds into a noisy breakdown? This is beyond tempting. However, if Pierce is indulging in unabashed VU love, then it is the the best kind of VU love and Pierce makes VU influence in one's music feel like an original concept. "Hey Jane" is a monster of a song in every sense. It's sprawling in every sense from it's near nine minute length to the way that it seems the song could go on forever. Best of all of the way the song manages to effortlessly switch gears midway through, from being a perfectly produced, swagger filled garage number to morphing into a glorious, hymn like, distorted perfectly garage number. It's staggering and captivating all at once, glorious in only the way Spiritualized manages to be.


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Pre-order Sweet Heart Sweet Light here, from Fat Possum Records

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