Friday, February 17, 2012

Single Review: Beach Fossils-Shallow 7"

Beach Fossils' hasn't changed much in the about two years they have been releasing music. Much like New Jersey counter parts Real Estate, the band has managed to produce a steady catalog of songs that all pull from the same place: shabbily sounding yet quite precise jangle pop that in the hands' of their respective band's masterminds, manage to be wonderful collections of fluffy indie rock rather than meshes of one same sound. And much like Real Estate managed to jump to the next logical step with last year's stellar Days, so too have Beach Fossils managed to keep the core of their sound while branching out ever so slightly into new areas.

So in honor of that mindset, the band has released a new 7" to accentuate that point. Minor, near unnoticeable changes to Beach Fossils are there that don't call the listeners attention but shift the sound greatly. "Shallows" truly typifies this, with the mild distortion that opens the song instantly shifts the song into darker territory that was touched on with their under appreciated What A Pleasure EP that came out last year. Even when the distortion fades, the song still sounds incredibly melancholy, with the instrumentation, especially the guitar, being much thicker than the band's usual wispy sound. Then their is lead singer's Dustin Payseur vocals in the song, which have never been louder in the mix (well, in contrast to everything else Beach Fossils have done), and sad than they do now. Even when the band comes down (or is it brightens up?) with the more "classic" "Lessons", they wind up being as sneaky as a Belle & Sebastien song, disguising confusion and longing in upbeat bass and guitar lines. Even this song is morphed by Beach Fossils evolution, with the wonderful little fuzz solo that helps to cap of the song. The result of both songs is a perfectly depressing 7", an indie rock single that will spin over and over again whenever a rainy day comes.

(mp3) Beach Fossils-Shallow
(mp3) Beach Fossils-Lessons


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